• A total of 8 partnering universities will form its first-ever Malaysian Esports Total Alliance (M.E.T.A.)
  • College students will be exposed to professional gaming standards and future job prospects while participating in ICC
  • The launch marks the start of the 5-month-long tournament that aims as a stepping stone for an amateur to develop into an experienced Esports athlete

SUBANG JAYA, 4 July 2019 – Genysis Cyber Esports today launched the Intercollege Cyber Challenge (ICC) alongside 8 partnering universities with the aim of engaging college students through Esports. The tournament-platform aims to be a hub for experience, exchange and guidance while promoting future career prospects in Malaysia. This year, participants will be competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) with the tournament expected to end in November, with finalists gunning for the RM30,000 grand prize.

Managing Director of Genysis Cyber Esports, Mr. Justin Sau believes that ICC reflects a shift in mindset for young Malaysian students as they begin their journey into higher education and learning. For more updates visit this site

“We believe that Malaysians adapt to a global culture extremely fast. Having a solid foundation in preparing the next generation for Esports competitively, begins now. We are excited to be allowing the next-generation of gamers a place where they can hone their skills to the best that we are able to offer, in a safe and conducive environment.”

Participating universities are slated to receive the latest Esports training equipment which will see student-run organisations being able to train and work together, thanks to sponsoring brands such as Thermaltake, Zowie BenQ, Nitro Concepts, Logitech, MSI and the latest duo-addition, One Call & Candypoint.

The Tournament as a learning platform

As the students begin their journey, they will compete against each other through tournament brackets. Their participation will not only expose them to heightened and competitive challenges, but also managerial skills such as tournament hosting, Esports and athletic performance, and sponsorship recruitment. These student-run organisations will also be provided with experienced Esports mentors who will guide and prepare them for their next challenge.

Partnering universities include Sunway University, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, First City University College, UCSI University, Academy of Esports Taylor University, MMU Melaka University, and Inti Nilai University. M.E.T.A will be the first-of-its-kind where universities will be working together in preparing their students collectively for an esports tournament.