Genysis Cyber Esports is pleased to work with Cib Net Station to organise the very first tournament Ace Series for Super Dancer Online – Xtreme Global in 2019. The Gameplan acts as a platform that gathers and grows the SDO-X gaming community by bonding them through friendly matches to challenge each other. Below are some details about the tournament. You may visit us at

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  1. Prizes

Super Dancer Online – Xtreme

    • Prizepool : RM5000
    • Champion
    • 1st Runner Up
    • 2nd Runner Up

  1. Rules & Regulations

2.1 Registration

      • Contestant must register online to participate this tournament, There will be NO ON-GROUND REGISTRATION.
      • Contestant is required to provide valid information during registration for verification purpose. Incorrect information will be at risk of DISQUALIFICATION.
      • Registered contestant who fails to be present at the tournament venue will result in 14 WORKING DAYS ACCOUNT BAN.
      • Strictly NO REPLACEMENT player allowed for this tournament. Player verification will be done via the IC number provided in registration.

2.2 Rules and Regulations

      • Contestant will be allocated to different group according to the online registered list.
      • Contestant MUST use the same game account as registered.
      • Contestants CANNOT change to other mode once you registered.
      • Each room will have six (6) contestants and a staff as marshal.
      • All contestants must be present at the venue half an hour (30 minutes) before the tournament reaches their turn. Contestant who failed to show up will lead to DISQUALIFICATION.
      • Genysis Team Management retains the right to change and to follow the actual situation of deletions, amendments or changes to activities approach.
      • All decision made by Genysis Team Management is final and shall not be subject to challenge or appeal.
      • Contestants are ALLOWED to:
        • Bring their own keyboards, headsets & mirrors.
        • Change keyboard keys via SDO-X setting.
      • Contestants are NOT ALLOWED to:
        • Interrupt other contestants who are in the tournament. The organizer has the right to take appropriate actions on anyone who found disobey this rule.
        • Carry pet during the tournament.
        • Change any computer system settings, eg. screen orientation.
        • Use third-party software during the tournament.

     3. Game Mode

  • Multiplayer Mode (x2 songs)
  • Reverse Mode (x2 songs)
  • 6 Keys Mode (x2 songs)


  1. Game Format
  • 3 members in a team with a CAPTAIN, 1 member represent 1 mode


Player A represent Multiplayer Mode, Player B represent Reverse Mode & Player C represent 6 Key Mode. Player A will play Multiplayer Mode from the beginning until the end of the tournament.

  1. Score Calculation Method
  • Result will be calculated with “Grand Point” for each song and points are total up to determine the outcome of the round in a Guild.
  • If contestant resulted in Game Over after the song, score for that song will be counted as 0.
  • There will be total of six (6) songs in tournament.
  • Marshal will eliminate the contestants depending on the total contestants per round.
  • The score will start calculate from anew every new round, eg. Round 1, Round 2, Quarter Final, Semi Final & Final.

     6. Prizes Issuance

  • In-game item prizes will be issued into the registered account after the tournament.
  • Contestants are required to provide actual IC in person for verification purpose at XIGMC venue to claim cash prize.
  • Cash prize will be issued within (30) working days with the bank account details that you provided.
  • Any unclaimed cash prizes will be converted to MPoint.