FCUC Esport Club

FCUC Esport Club

Esport Club

Established in

February 2013

Former President

James Ng

Manager Name

Ngu Lok Sin


First City University College

Club History

Club History: Established in February 2013, Youth Club FCUC has always been a club that is filled with creative individuals and fun-filled events. Youth Club boasts 120 members being the biggest club in FCUC. It is because of this huge number of members that events can run smoothly and successfully.
A Night in Darkness, FCUC Walking Run, FCUC PUBGM Tournament are just some of the events that are organized by Youth Club FCUC. Youth Club have a Mini Game Festival every Friday from 3pm to 6pm to let students de-stress and have fun. PS4, board games and card games are some of the games students are able to play. All Youth Club events are supported and sponsored by FCUC ensuring a steady stream of non-stop events. Youth Club FCUC tend to collaborate and support events organized by other clubs and will help other clubs when they are low on manpower or to get more attention to the event.

Other than events, Youth Club FCUC are also in charge of every single orientation for new students that will be eager to join Youth Club after experiencing the fun and excitement they’ve had attending the icebreaking session specially made for new students.

Regarding the E-sports scene in FCUC, Youth Club FCUC has sent teams of players to compete in small local tournaments in a wide range of games such as Dota 2, CSGO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, PUBG Mobile, FIFA, SuperSmashBros, and Tekken 7. Teams are sent to compete to gain experience and let players get a new insight in the world of E-sports.

Lim Kai Zhi - S1LENT

1. Lim Kai Zhi - S1LENT

Li Sean - ahsean227

2. Li Sean - ahsean227

Ding Zien - bodohding

3. Ding Zien - bodohding

Li Rune - lirune99

4. Li Rune - lirune99

 Cavan Lo Kee Fatt -  MeIsNooB

5. Cavan Lo Kee Fatt - MeIsNooB

Goh Zu Xuan - gohzuxuan1210

6. Goh Zu Xuan - gohzuxuan1210