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TARUC IGS Esport Club

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Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)

Club History

IGS was founded in 2014, with the aim of making the college life fun. At first, the society was dedicated for Interactive Software Technology course students only and after a short period of time, the society eventually became public and opened for every students from different faculties. We believe the reason why IGS is not named Esports club/society is because we do not want our society to be specific on esports event only but we also provide a place for all the gamers who share different interests from board games, station games, physical games to video games. With the rise of esports industry all over the world, it also benefits IGS in growing of esports events in TARUC due to TARUC’s having a very high student population every year. So the organisers out there, they see the opportunity of the esports industry and the potential market of TARUC, and it leads to IGS will have a certain amount of events that will happens throughout every year. Over the years, IGS is starting to be known by the students in the University. Every year, during the freshmen intake, we will have more than 300 students who want to join IGS as a new member. This year, 2019, we achieved a number of 60+ committees who are willing to give their time and efforts in contributing to the society and the industry. We always control the quality of each committee and make sure everyone is sharing the same visions. In 2019, IGS is organising its very own annual esports event, TARUC Esports Festival(TEF) which mark a new start of IGS.

Felix Goh Zhe Qian - Felix

1. Felix Goh Zhe Qian - Felix

Kee Wee Chung - Chunga

2. Kee Wee Chung - Chunga

Nicholas Lim Way Ho - TooSad

3. Nicholas Lim Way Ho - TooSad

Hoong Wei En - Pegasus

4. Hoong Wei En - Pegasus

Kok Mun Hong - 1van

5. Kok Mun Hong - 1van

Liew Jiun Hau - MasterPeace

6. Liew Jiun Hau - MasterPeace

Tan Han Sen - S3N

7. Tan Han Sen - S3N

Wong Qile Caleb - Kels

8. Wong Qile Caleb - Kels

Wong Chun Wai - WestDoor

9. Wong Chun Wai - WestDoor

Bryan Soon Li-Wei - CandyGath

10. Bryan Soon Li-Wei - CandyGath