INTI Esport Club

INTI Esport Club

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Loo Sheng Qi, Edward Lim

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INTI Nilai

Club History

This club formed by some students including Loo Sheng Qi, Tan Jinn Chuan, Efendy Chew, Shree Ram Nair, Ker De Sheng etc. during year 2014. They planned to organize an event which is never done by INTI students before which is PC Fair and Esports Tournament on screen in the main hall. Somemore, Therefore, The Core Project 2014 was released. During that time, it was not much easy to organize this kind of event especially esports. This is because most of the people dont have much understanding the definition of esports. However, during the grand final of Dota 2 Tournament, there were over 500 students watching the live tournament on bIG LED screen at the same time. After that, every year, INTI esports club will have a huge scale event to provide students a brand new gaming experience and feel the hype brought by esports tournament.

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