Sunway Esport Club

Sunway Esport Club

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Zaccheus Sheehan Sia

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Chea Wern Yen


Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Club History

Founded in 2016, Sunway Esports Club started off as a small club that held mini events for the scarcely-numbered esport community in Sunway University and Sunway College. Being a club revolving around video games, the club decided to take things slow to ease the presence of esports in the university due to the general stigma perceived about gaming. Over time, the club began increasing in popularity and its numbers followed suit, rising tremendously. Club management was taken over by a trio, namely Chua Vi Sern, Ooi Hui Ping and Chan Kar Chun serving as president, vice president and secretary respectively. Through their leadership and the combined effort of a passionate committee, Sunway Esports Club became one of the most prevalent and high achieving clubs in Sunway University. The club continued organizing frequent tournaments for various games, and in March of 2018, Sunway Esports Club held their largest event yet: Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018, a gaming convention centered primarily around indie gaming communities, held in the Jeffrey Cheah Hall in Sunway College.

After leading the club for 2 years, the trio were nearing completion of their studies and passed on their positions. The mantle of president was passed on to Zaccheus Sia. Here, the focus of the club changed – whilst the former primary function of the club was event organizing, the club began to focus more on its own community. While open events such as viewing parties and tournaments are still held, emphasis was given to activities exclusive to Sunway Esports Club members like gamer get-togethers, in-house leagues and gaming nights. On top of that, the club ventured into fostering new relationships with a myriad of external parties, both corporate and esport clubs from fellow academic institutions.

Today, our club works towards accomplishing the perfect blend of open events and club member exclusiveness so as to be a prominent force in the varsity esports scene, without overlooking the priority that should be given to our very own club members.

Nicholas “ZenniT_” Ling Kai – IGL / Rifler

1. Nicholas “ZenniT_” Ling Kai – IGL / Rifler

Lukesh “Anashi_” Barth Ubrani – Entry Fragger / Rifler

2. Lukesh “Anashi_” Barth Ubrani – Entry Fragger / Rifler

Eddy “Hamichi” Wong Chin Xuan – Awper

3. Eddy “Hamichi” Wong Chin Xuan – Awper

Benjamin “Benny” Tarquinii – Secondary Awper

4. Benjamin “Benny” Tarquinii – Secondary Awper

Wai Lun “Sempaiii-“ Lee – Lurker/ Rifler

5. Wai Lun “Sempaiii-“ Lee – Lurker/ Rifler

Nicholas “Miki” Chin Jia- Jien – Rifler

6. Nicholas “Miki” Chin Jia- Jien – Rifler

Bao Bin “Sansiro” Lim – Awper

7. Bao Bin “Sansiro” Lim – Awper

Daniel “angmo” Ang – Rifler

8. Daniel “angmo” Ang – Rifler

Ravjit “Anasasis” Singh – Rifler

9. Ravjit “Anasasis” Singh – Rifler

Lisa Chea - Liz

10. Lisa Chea - Liz


FutureLab Esports Tournament (2017)

1st place


Dota 2 ACE Championships Season 1 (2018)

1st place


Dota 2 ACE Championships Season 2 (2019)

1st place