Remember when E-Sports have been featured as a Medal Sport in SEA Games? Malaysia is in it to win it as they have stepped up the game by running qualifiers across the nation. These qualifiers that started in 24th March have lead up the grand finals and the selected teams are currently in a boot camp to determine the final players to represent the country.

There will be five medals offered in total for the 2019 SEA Games for the five games in the three categories that players will contend in:

  • Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA)
  • Starcraft II
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)
  • Arena of Valour (AoV)
  • Tekken 7

The Malaysian team will also be taking part in the demonstration event to be held in the Philippines that has yet to be determined.

The boot camp that has been organized with the support of KBS and the Malaysian Sports Council (MSN) with the intention of developing the shortlisted players before the final selection is made for the players that will be the main competitors in the SEA games.

We’re waiting with bated breath for the success of the teams as we see Malaysia step into the fray and compete with the regions best players. With the nation’s pride on the line, this will be a large stepping stone for Malaysia to grow its E-sports dreams and begin truly establishing a standard for what the industry can be.