The Endgame of E-sports in Malaysia

The growing development of E-sports in Malaysia has seen many successful championships where the few are selected from the many through a series of qualifiers to take on the best of the best throughout Malaysia. From the many regional championships to the most recent development of Malaysia‚Äôs Grand Finals selections to the first ever SEA Games E-sports championships. The validation of the E-sports industry is clear as even Majilis Sukan Negara and  As these players are prepared through the bootcamp, they will go through an intensive selection process to build the most suitable team to represent Malaysia in the SEA Games E-sports championships.

The growth in E-sports into a billion dollar industry shows its undeniable potential. However, when it comes to the implementation of a standardized ecosystem, there is a lot left to be desired. This is exactly where the Gameplan comes in. The Gameplan is the brainchild of Genysis, one of the regions leading E-sports organizers that has organized numerous events such as the Game Anime Expo, Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup 2019, Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2019 and many more. The Goal? Establish the E-sports infrastructure within Malaysia and the SEA Region that will involve new job opportunities, leagues and a persistent ecosystem the continues to grow.

The first step in the multiphase development of The Gameplan starts with an Intercollege Cyber Challenge or ICC where prestigious colleges across Malaysia build persistent teams to participate in a league. This sets a standard for E-sports and begins the development of the community from the ground up. The official launch of the ICC is set for the 27th June 2019, with representatives from the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation and the Head of Communication from Esports Malaysia to officiate the launch.

This is the first of an on going effort to develop the industry which will pave the way for those who are passionate about E-Sports to actively contribute to the field while finding a career opportunity that they can grow into. As the ICC enters the player selection and boot camp process, we will see a distinct rise in the quality with the requirements of having a qualified coach and

If you are interested in getting your college involved in the next ICC this new standardized league, do send your details and request to _________________ for consideration.